Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Storm. Is. Gathering.

In response to NOM's million dollar campaign regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage, there is a plethora of parodies out on the web. Some are simplistic ones that are voiced-over with interjection of video clips, then there's the Liz Feldman's star studded parody, one put out by Shoot the Messenger, and then there's my favorite: the Stephen Colbert's. If I were to repost them, it'd be like searching for any blog. Well, I am 'any blog', so I would do that. But then again I have a 7 page paper due in a few days. So I'm just gonna post some lines I would rewrite. ;D

The Liz Feldman's was cute, with all the stars, but the punchline was okay, and the sense of humor was too much like Liz's randomness. which I do and don't appreciate. Colbert's version has the most funny lines, but didn't have a punch-kick effect. And Shoot The Messenger's version was a little dry with the crazy lookin' people. hah. I'm not saying any of those were bad, as I can't replicate or come up with any of those jokes myself. But I'm gonna give it a stab.

I'm lame, so please, just... yeah. mmhmm

There's a storm gathering. 
The clouds are dark, much like (thinks for a minute) Azkaban. 
And I am afraid. 
Some who advocate for same-sex marriage has taken the issue far beyond same-sex couples.
They want to bring the issue into Dementor's lips. 
My soul might be eaten, as I am really butch.
I am a California doctor who doesn't know how to treat gay people... and people without souls.
I'm part of a New Jersey Church group who went under because wizards and witches do not believe in God. 
I'm a Hogwarts parent helplessly watching Dumbledore teach same-sex magic to my wizards and witches. FROM. HIS. GRAVE.
And his professors who advocate for same-sex marriage are either secretly involved in a cult, is a werewolf, or interracial giants. 
Hogwarts want to change the way I live. as a muggle.
I will have no choice. Either send me child to a school of the gifted and watch them turn gay, or let Dumbledore corrupt their minds. FROM. THE. GRAVE.
(Fleur speaking) The. Storm. Is. Coming. 
But we have hope (Name tagged Draco Owens), a Floo Powder coalition of Muggles, Squibs, Mudbloods, and Purebloods are coming together in love to protect marriage. Visit Join Us. 

Paid for by Global Wizards and Witches Who Think J.K. Rowling Is A Fraud. A Lesbian Fraud. Which is may or may not be responsible for the validity of Harry Potter's scar. 

I hope people don't take this with offense that I butchered a greatly loved Epic series...

Have a great day!

And enjoy this vid while you're bored. ;D

The Homolulu Show

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls who don't look like girls: Top 5 Androgynous girls

I'm not gonna lie, I have a secret fetish for androgynous women. Well, apparently so does the rest of Asia. But I'm not bi or straight. Like, when I make a statement like that, people would usually comment like, "Oh, so you like girls who look like boys. Is that the secret straight girl in you?" Well, to that comment, there's a little straight girl in every lesbian. And there's a little gay girl in every straight girl. ;D 

I must clarify, I don't like... "butch". I don't like girls who is in the wifebeater and baggy jeans. I don't like the dyke cut or mullet. I guess when I think of "butch", I think of thicker girls and more masculine. 

(Disclaimer: totally all MY opinion) 

I, personally, like scrawny girls with awesome hair that aren't always in dresses and face caked with make up. (如果你卸了裝我不認得你的話,那不叫做化裝,那叫喬裝) "If you take off your make up and I can't recognize you, that's not called make up, it's called disguise" - Dayo Wang. I swear it sounds a lot better in Chinese, the original language the joke was told in. ;D

Not gonna lie, I was pretty reluctant to admit that I am extremely attracted to these girls, because what would that say about my gayity!? Okay, I'm still reluctant to admit that I find some "butch" girls are hot too, probably for the same reason. I'll let you guys know when I do find one attractive. I've got nothing to hide. 

Most of these androgynous but not butchy girls are Asian, I apologize, because I can't really think of any white ones that really fits "my taste". But I'm not the only one who are fans of them, the little Asian girls in China and Taiwan like them too... what does that say about the Asian population? They're a little... ggehy? ;)

Well, here is a sampling, the top 5 girls I believe are gorgeous in their androgyny. 

5. Ella from S.H.E. 
(Far left, duh)
She's more masculine than the other two of the group, and she's definitely considered "gender-neutral". I don't know if Ella was packaged by their record label to be the more tomboyish or what, but she pulls it off every well. Ella is often the lone one out of the group not wearing a dress or mini-skirt.When I first encountered S.H.E., I was extremely critical of their group, without even listening to their music first. I wasn't secure with my sexuality, thus I wasn't secure with Ella's. Ella's deeper, huskier voice raised rumors regarding her sex back in the days (even today, still).  But I've grown to love her lots, I think she's really real and hilarious. She's also the number one rapper in Taiwan too. Well, not officially, but she does a lot of rap for the group. 

4. Zhao Yi Lan (Star from Drifting Flowers
(Far right, this time)
Before watching Drifting Flowers, I would think Yi Lan's okay, but after, she's super cute! In the movie, you see multiple angles of her, with some "age" added to her make up, she definitely looks good. Yi Lan's tall and lanky, but with a childish face and smile, STOLE MY HEART. She's more masculine than Ella, but Yi Lan is just cute and kinda charming. 

3. Chris Li (Winner of 2005 China's Pop Idol) 
Chris Li won, I would say the first "election" in China. Very similarly to American Idol, viewers would text or call in their votes to their favorite girls on TV to determine the winner of the singing contest. She is very pretty. Besides Ella, Chris is probably the first androgynous girl on Asian media that I'm aware of. (Don't quote me!) Chris is like the hot version of William Hung. She can actually sing a little better than him (hopefully), but has the positive attitude of "doing her best". I've heard she's an incredible dancer, too. But yeah, Chris is tall and beautiful, with some pretty nice breasticular region as well. I used to be kinda repelled by her, until my cousin sent me some pics of her being SUPER cute. ;D

2. Zhang Yun Jing (Winner of Taiwan's singing show of some sort) 
If you ever heard Yun Jing sing, you're definitely gonna be swooning all over the place. Above, she looks SUPER cute in her Jay Chou-like suit-thing. I LOVE her hair. Yun Jing is shorter (than Yi Lan and Chris), and kinda is quiet and chilled-out, kinda like a archaeological dig, get her to open up and find out more about her. One a variety show once, she was seen wearing a yellow knitted sweater and large tv-frame glasses with black rims. (drools a little) Yun Jing was once interviewed before a song, and she cried on stage about her ex (bf/gf?) of 3 years, and she wanted to dedicate Jay Chou's Black Humor to her/him. Super sensitive, super cute. I think Yun Jing is more softer-butch, if I even wanna use that term, than Yi Lan. The girl just seems really down to earth. In the following video, her voice is a lot more feminine than her speaking voice... (drools again)

1. The number one spot... belongs to... 

Katherine Moennig. 
I know, I know, she's the only white one. I'm sorry! But I think Kate is super sexy. I know, I'm one of those girls who swoon at Kate's skinny-ass ass, and husky voice and super hot hair, and soulful eyes, and... yeah. I guess the difference between the other girls and Shane Kate is that she's sexy. And I have a relationship with her, as I made it through six years of The L Word-ness. I feel bad, I really am "one of those girls". Like I think Kate is super hot and she seems really sweet and tries really hard to give every one of us fans a good performance on the screen. 

Well, congratulations, Kate Moennig, for being the sexiest of the sexy androgynies. ;) Like she haven't topped this kinda list all over the net. (I wish I can tell her how sexy is she in person. But I guess it wouldn't just be that, I'd have to roofie her, then I'd be arrested because I don't cover my tracks well enough. Then I'd have to sit my ass in jail, but who's gonna have the bragging rights to have shagged Shane Kate Moennig? Yup. Me.)

Drifting Flowers

After watching Spider Lilies (刺青)by Zero Zhou, I was pretty reluctant to see Drifting Flowers. But I am utterly bored on this Monday night, and decided to watch a lesbian movie. Woot woot!

There are so many selections for me to choose from, but I wanted to see a good one. Or at least one I know something about. I recently read an interview with the director of Spider Lilies and Drifting Flowers (飄浪青春) and was really intrigued by her story. Miss Zhou wants to make a series of six lesbian movies, to make an impact in the silenced Taiwanese gay community. 

Thoughts for Spider Lilies

I thought the lead actresses were incredibly hot, but not well chosen. Rainie Yang was very good in Spider Lilies, I'm not gonna lie, she did a very good job as the crazy girl who just wants to be loved. The twists in the plot were well-thought out, but it was a strain on the brain to watch. It was a really quiet movie, a little slow for my taste as well. The best part about a lesbian film is seeing two beautiful girls going at it! But it was left on the cutting room floor. (sad face) Well, we didn't miss much, as it could be found on YouTube and it was just a really really awkward, but hot make out scene between Rainie and Isabella.  

The problem for casting Isabella is that she's too... beautiful. She's way too beautiful to play a girl who's supposed to be more masculine. I understand in Drifting, Zero Zhou portrayed a butch/femme relationship, is she trying to do that again with Rainie and Isabella? It's quite stretch. She's too pretty. Basically. The character, Takeko, has many dark secrets, and very introverted. You see Isabella not smile, and it's like, "Whoa! bitch!" Too... off putting. Too off putting to a point that you don't wanna associate with her. You know what I mean? 

Like some people can be somber and not... bitch like. Just you know she's not... wanting to kill your poor puppy.

Anywayyyys. It's been a while since I've seen Spider Lilies, so I might do another blog on that, but OFF TO DRIFTING FLOWERS!

Well, I can either write a recap, or I can write a review. I'm gonna start with a review.

Basically, I wasn't really into this movie because of Spider Lilies, but ended up watching anyways. Yes, I must watch every single Lesbian Movie, so I can be a badass. Or really gay. Or a really gay bad ass. 

Essentially, this story is told in two parts. Though it all wraps up into one large happy family. (That will be $11.77, your pick up number is 12) It's really well told. Maybe some American "breakthrough TV show" writers should get some schooling. (cough) Like every moment is about what's gonna happen next!? Don't stop there! Stupid ass scene setting, just tell me what happens!! There is essentially very little background music, which is nice. But when the background music is on, it's quite annoying. It's the sound of an electronic... I wanna say accordion, but I don't have a ear for music. Unless it's good. ha. Well, so when the ducks aren't dying, it's just mysterious and suspenseful. Quite nice. 

Well, to give an general overview that's not a cut and paste from movie websites... It's one big story surrounding the life of Diego, a self-acclaimed tomboy. The first half of the movie is told through the emotions of Mei Go, a little girl who guides her older blind sister (who's INCREDIBLY gorgeous), Jing (房思瑜) around as she sings at events at night. Diego is an accordion player that's like, new in town. Mei Go developed an incredible crush on this androgynous entity, who, ironically, is in love with her sister. 

When I watched this movie's trailer, a long time ago, I wondered a few things. From what it seems (what the movie portrays), Jing is rather innocent. I don't think she's really been with a guy before. I mean, Diego's rather androgynous, so is she mistaking Diego for a man? I mean, she obviously knows that Diego's a chick, they've fucked. (excuse me!) But Diego is dressed like a dude, (puts Shane to shame) has short hair, and rather long and lanky. Watch the movie, I hope you'll see what I mean. I guess I question if Jing is really attracted to Diego as who she is, or is... kinda stuck with her. 


Okay, Mei Go. I mean, she's like 10, there's no way this adult sexy lady is gonna like her. Mei Go (白芝穎) is incredible cute.  She was really realistic in her role as a typical 10 year-old. Props to her. ^^ But as (young) adults, it's hard to relate to this girl's maturity or immaturity. We sometimes forget that we were once that age, and have these agonies as well. When I was young, I was attracted to... boys and girls. But I was like 9, I had this knowledge inside me that these dudes/dudettes aren't gonna like me, they want someone their own age. But I pretended to be extremely mature, still. That only killed my childhood. Now, I'm 18, and these really hot girls and boys are up for grab... but nobody wants me. :( (sorry about that)

Well, the girl who played the older Mei Go was incredibly cute as well, but she wasn't credited. I wish I can find out who this girl is. She definitely looked a lot like Mei Go, maybe even a sibling. Wouldn't that be fun?

Okay, so Diego (趙逸嵐). The second half of the movie was basically like Diego's coming out story. This flashes back to when Diego was still in high school. (I went through 7 pages of Google Image search for a pic of the actress who plays Diego, and to. no. avail. wtf) Okay, I got one. Well... I don't want to ruin it. 

But as a teenager, Diego was very uncomfortable in her female body, but didn't want to be a boy, at the same time. Based on personal experience, I went through the same things she did, except at a MUCH younger age. I didn't like how I can't run around topless. I didn't like that I had to cover my chest. I didn't like bras either. I didn't like all the girly things connoted with girls. I hated dressed. I hated make-up. I didn't do anything to my hair because... putting it up would be girly. 

Well, I got over myself, after 15 years. I finally became more comfortable with my own sexuality. I no longer feel like I should be squished into a mold. I can be a girl. And I can be a girl however I want to be a girl. 

I also understand how people can be completely unsatisfied with how they look or how other people sees them. I mean, change something. If not you look, then your own mentality about things. And more power to those who do. ^^

I guess the actress who plays Diego is a little androgynous herself. I didn't know that. Hm. Well, Apparently, this androgynous thing is kinda the deal in Asia these days. Like back in 2005, a reality show in China very much like American Idol, but with girls only, out turned a winner, Chris Li 李雨春, who's not the typical beautiful Chinese girl that's more like Jing.

I mean, her voice is pretty good, but NOT that great. You can't vote for your government, but you sure as hell can vote for a national icon! (Thumbs Up) C'mon, now. But I think Chris is über sexy too. I have a secret affinity for androgynous women. No, not really the butch thing, but more so androgyny :D 

Shit, I can just post another blog about Androgynous Asians! 

*ahem* so back to Drifting Flowers, I enjoyed the movie more than I expected. The cinematography was a little annoying, like a geek with a new computer, and adding all these unnecessary annoying little details to make the movie more "artsy". I really like how the story ties back around together in a pretty little bow. 

I also liked how Drifting Flowers also stayed away from the homophobic eye. It slightly touched upon the family's worries for their daughter, and some Chinese family values, but there wasn't anything negative. Our society, especially the traditional Asian society, frequently acts hatefully towards our harmless group. But this movie told the story it is what it is, regardless of view of the common people, this was love. "Love is love, it doesn't matter boy or girl." 

I really like how most of the movie is not spoken in the traditional Mandarin dialect, but in the Taiwanese dialect. In the little villages Diego lives in, the residents WERE more likely to speak Taiwanese than Mandarin. This really adds a kick to the movie, which I really liked and appreciated. It gives a local flair. 

This movie makes me realize how cute and cozy the gay community is, and how much I enjoy being a part of it. So, here is the trailer, you can find the movie on YouTube as well.

Thanks for reading. ^^

Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Gay IU!

Okay, so this weekend, was a busy one. 

Last Friday, was the extremely highly hyped Miss Gay Indiana University 2009. Woot! And it totally lived up to the hype. It was incredibly fun! The jokes were extremely out of line, and awesome. Everyone was totally into the whole thing, and the performances were totally sweet. It gives me more respect that these people can poke fun at themselves and still be respectable. ^^

We didn't get to stay for the whole show, but what we saw was great. (Omg, Saw and was... are the backwards!) 

What was weird for me, was, during in the intermission, we were standing in the lobby, and there was this extremely cute girl there talking to her friend. She was saying things like, "Can you believe the show? They started talking about sex and fisting!" with a disgusted voice. Holy shit, girl, what the hell are you doing here? There's other things to do on campus at 7 pm that involves alcohol and dudes. 

Like one of the girls said, "we just need better understanding of each other, then I can stay in my yard, and you can yours." 

Don't be walkin' in my turf if you're not ready to accept what's comin' out of our mouths! I mean, I appreciate the effort for the extremely hot chick to show up to a drag show, but... if you're gonna make those comments, just go back to your frat house.

So yeah, regardless... it was incredibly fun, if any of you guys have the chance, totally check out a drag show! You'd never know where you'd find me. haha ^^

Congratulations to Miss Chanel Cartier, who is Miss Gay IU 2009! 

P.s. I also won Ludacris. ;D

I, Roommate Amy, and Miss Vicky

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Public Apology...

This is a public apology to Ms. Drew Barrymore. 

I messed up. I'm sorry. I was wrong.

Not trying to sound like anyone else's apology, of course. :)

So for the longest time after watching Charlie's Angels, I thought Ms. Barrymore had stroke face. Err, more specifically, a stroke victim's face. You know, like when someone has a stroke, and half their face is paralyzed? 

According to the newer pictures and the persuasion of my roommate, I have to revoke my thoughts and impression that she has a stroke face. I think what led me to the idea that Ms. Barrymore had half a paralyzed face was another person I knew that looked a little like Drew. Maybe it was her face shape, or her smile. I tend to be very bad at thinking someone looking like someone else. I always thought people looked like a friend or a celebrity or someone I knew, but my brother would smack me in the head and call me a dumbass. 

I think it's the human brain's ability to relate everything to a past experience. Like every time one were to learn something, they would fit the new idea into their brains relating to something he/she have past knowledge about. Every time someone reads a book, the characters would be automatically related to someone you knew. So when someone reads a story, the character presented would be different, depending on the reader. 

Well, back to Drew. This woman I knew had a stroke, (the one that reminded me of Drew). So half of her face was paralyzed. I believe she's starting to regain some movement to her face, as this was at least 5 years ago. 

If you were to go back and watch Charlie's Angel or 50 First Dates, you might be able to see what I'm talking about, with the stroke face. The way she smiles or smirks, just seems like the other side of her face doesn't quite move. Maybe just really bad expressions that happen to be caught on tape. Things happen. Or maybe it's just a figment of my imagination, my overactive mind. I don't know.

Regardless, I'm so sorry, Ms. Barrymore. I will no long spew those lies and idea that you have a stroke face.  I hope you have a great day. ^^

Had to repost... I really liked this post...

Okay, so I JUST had this conversation with my roommate about an hour and a half ago:

I don't like labels. 

Not because I'm cliché, or it's just something people say. I'm not edgy. Okay, I try to be edgy. But that's not because I want to "get" anywhere. I am who I am, and maybe my ideologies just happen to be a bit edgy to some people.


(Isn't Dani from Tila the prime example of a "typical lesbian"? With her butchness and... "best of both worlds" bullshit. )

I hate that word. It is what it is, but it has such a bad ring to it. Usually when the word is uttered (when it actually is) you wanna run and hide. Shit! A lesbian! She's gonna wanna take you home and eat you! A lesbian, when I hear that term, is usually badly connoted. It's like, "shit! She's so ugly, she has to be a lesbian!" or "Damn, no wonder she's a lesbian, no man would want her!" or something disgusting like that. 

Can't it just be a term used to describe women who likes women, and leave it at that?


I am personally biased when it comes to this term. I've had bad experiences with people of that sort.... but then, maybe others have too. I usually think of promiscuity. Like she's (or he) so horny that she'll (or he'll) eat up anyone! Bleh. Bleh. Bleeehhhh.. Maybe that's just me. I don't know. Take every thing I type with a large-cattle-sized grain of salt.


I understand the concept. It's a regular term, is, it's used to describe "normal" people. You know, like mass murderers, rapists, and you know, everyone. But usually when I hear this, uttered at me, or some other poor gay, it's like, condescending. "I'm straight." Followed by a look. You know, maybe we're just friendly, and flirting is polite, no? It doesn't mean that you're gonna go our way, it's not like we think you're gonna fall in love with us as soon as you get to know us. (I'm sorry for speaking for all gays, I didn't mean that)

Maybe I've had my share of straight girls, and maybe I finally learned to move on. But when you guys come on to me.... huh huh huuuhhh. *annoying mocking laugh*

Femme and Butch. 

You see two people of the same sex together. So I'm kinda a tomboy, and hypothetically, if I had a girlfriend, would you say I'm the butch in the relationship? Insulting much? Don't put labels on us unless we chose to. ugh.

So basically, I hate labels because of the connotations. I mean, it is what it is, I understand that. But can we somehow use a new language or something that's not brutally raped by the media or our surroundings?

Maybe this is just the world we live in. 

Can't we love out of love? Is there a word for everything? 

Rantings over.

Remember, grain of salt.

Makin' da move!

Okay, so basically, I enjoy blogging and ranting SO much that I've regained this blogspot so I can be back in the blogsphere again. Facebook notes are just not gratifying enough for me. ^^

So yeah... I hope you all would find this insightful!

I'm so sorry that this might be filled with LGBT shitttt... but Yeah. ^^

I just restarted this Blog, so I just imported some good ones from Facebook as a buffer... Hope to post some good stuff soon!! ^^

Inisghtful? or Just rantings?

I have a theory. I have theories about everything, c'mon. Whether or not you agree with me, that's not the point. Tell me what you think, but c'mon now, if you're reading this, give me some respect.


In this homophobic world that we live in today, what incentive does a bisexual have to come out? If they only like women 50% of the time, what are the chances of actually finding a women to settle down with? Why be ostracized by their families or the world if they can just hide it? Having a drunken fling with another girl satisfies her curiosity with women while being able to go back to her boyfriend, or men in general. No body has to know beyond that.

It's almost easier to be a slut who fucks women and men than a homosexual. na mean?

"Being a bisexual in the media today is basically saying, 'I'm here to fix the copier'." It's quite erotic and many "opportunities" may sprout from that. This isn't about empowering women to love who they want, it's about being objectified all over again. Or maybe people DO feel empowered by being a bisexual. I don't know, I don't know what is the mentality behind a bisexual, since I am not one myself.

I guess my biggest fear against bisexuals are that they will eventually go back to men, "like the natural order of nature". or, whatever.

I finally can understand that people are able to like whoever and not necessarily be a slut. Bis just get a bad rep. I mean, that doesn't nullify my experiences with bisexuals, but I guess there are people out there who are not "slutty" and bi. Hello, my name is Lisa Yang, I've been waiting to meet you for awhile now, how are you doing today?

Recently, I read an article regarding the sexuality and arousal. It seemed pretty clear cut that when men is aroused, a certain reaction happens. But it's harder to detect the arousal of a woman. But somehow they've manage to invent a machine to do so.

In the study, researchers would hook up the turned-on-o-meter to a woman, and measure her pulse, blood flow and brain activity when exposed to pictures of people making out. You know, like straight, lesbian, and gay males. Just for shits and giggles, they also showed the women pictures of animals doin' the dirty business.

The result? Many self-identified heterosexuals or lesbians had reactions to ALL those images. Even the animals. Does that mean they're into bestiality? NO. I hope not, at least. I hope not all women are sex fiends. (Yikes!)

Basically, women are more emotional, and when subjected these imageries, there exist an arousal. But it doesn't necessarily mean they are attracted or want to participate.

So when there was an article was released about "closeted bisexuals" at AfterEllen, evaluate the article yourself here. I wish they would not be biased in their reportings and leak half the story. The research I read about was from Mary Roach, in her book "Bonk". And the article about closeted bisexuals was a Fox News report. That explains, right?

I don't know who's exactly correct, but based on the information I've received... The Fox News production kinda annoyed me.

I personally am aroused by a lot of things, but not necessarily does it mean I want to engage in it. Maybe you think I'm sub-consciously unaware of my stance on sexual orientation... but fuck you.

Basically, because this is my thought on bisexuals. because they are a composition of our LGBTQQ family, I'm all for stating my opinion on it. If you're bi and you're out, more power to ya. But rather, if you're bi and doesn't feel the need to come out? Power still the same. Why subject yourself to world of hate if it might not be the ultimate thing you end doing? na mean?

If I was bi, I wouldn't come out unless I was dating a girl.

Thanks for reading guys. I really wish I get my own blog soon....

If my life was a Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese Idol Drama...

(One of my faves) 

First of all, it wouldn't air, I'm not "cute" enough.
There would be more misunderstandings than political humorists. 
I would be straight.
I would be paired up with a extremely beautiful boy. Which means he's probably prettier than I. Which means I'd have to have AMAZING dialogue or acting skillz. haha

Someone in the show is very rich. And someone is very poor. 

Someone in the show would be really arrogant, then turned soft. 

I would first be one of those be one of those girls who wants to find love, but can't. I would have an incredible crush on some hot ass guy on campus that all the girls want. Of course, I'm just "okay" looking, he wouldn't know of my existence. Then I would somehow miraculously start bumping into another guy. Then all our encounterments would result in us hating each other. Then I would realize my best guy friend was in love with me. Then I would reject him, even though he's awesome, because I'm in love with the campus guy. Who turns out to be a jerk. But my best girl friend would be pissed at me because the best guy friend, she has a crush on. Then somehow, the annoying guy that I've been running into a lot, starts to be there for me when shit happens. 

Then I would find out that he's actually affiliated with some kind of triad activity. Then I would be swirled into the triad activity. The opposing "family" in the triad activity would happen to be my best guy friend. Now I'm trapped between this really nice annoying guy that I'm starting to fall for, but won't admit it to myself, and my best guy friend who's always protected me, and has a thing for me.

In the end, the campus guy somehow enters my life by chance, and is willing to take me away from the triad life. But then he's a jerk. 

Later in the pre-finale, you find out that he's actually very sweet, and because of his ailing mother, he's pretending to be a jerk so he doesn't have to deal with women. Or some shit like that. 

Campus guy tries to remove me from the gang battles, and my best guy friend was shot. And died. Climax of the show. 

Then the campus guy went crazy because his mother actually died, and can't get over himself, as she's all he had all his life. 

Now I'm stuck with the triad guy who has a secret life that no one knows about, but me, and we end happily ever after.

Did I just summarize the jest of every Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese idol drama known to mankind?

The only difference, I guess, is just swap out the triad with different story lines such an illegitimate child, a rich family goes poor, a hair stylist (actually any profession), high school, or some shit like that. 

Well, matters not, this shit is just for entertainment purposes, it's pure fluff. Enjoy it and move on. ^^

A ranting of thanks ;D

I wanted a post one of those annoyingly fun questionnaires, but I couldn't find one. So instead, I'm gonna ramble. ^^

I want to be a professional blogger. I would think that would be incredibly fun and get paid for it. ^^

I just read one of the most enlightening pieces on Afterellen, and I feel like it would be something I would post. So I'm gonna write my own version of it.

Change. We voted for it. We dug through our pockets for it. We search our couches for it. We seek it. 

I remember sitting right behind Barack Obama in March 2008, and I soaked up every word he had to say. It was great. It was awesome. Though we're sitting here today, wondering what's going on, I think it just takes some time for things to settle and for the criticisms to become positive. We live in a liberal media, so deal with it. 

What essentially I want to get to is... me. Don't kid yourself. haha

I hated Muncie, IN so much that I wanted to get out as soon as possible. I want to cut ties and everything, but it's home. I can't do that. 

I got out of high school a year early because I hated it. I didn't fit in. I don't know exactly why. I have all the credentials and all the qualifications to have friends and be part of their little posses. But I didn't. I don't exactly know why, and I don't care anymore, honestly. 

Some of these people still wiggle their way into your life. Those friends at home, I miss you all. I really wish I can hang out with you guys when I come home, but my life is fucked up. I'm sorry to let you down. I'm so glad things finally ease between us. I've always cared for some of you, those of you. And I want to thank you for still being here for me when I'm having a bad day at IU. You're 2 hours away, but only a text message or facebook chat away. 

So i got to college, and I'm almost done with my freshman year. Things are so different here. And I really appreciate all the change and all the freedom. 

I get to be who I am, and what I want. Not all people accept or appreciate that, but it's okay. I understand that people don't always agree with another. But at least respect what others for who they are. It matters not what ideology they support, just support the person. 

I am having a great time here. I've learned life lessons the hard way, and I'll know to appreciate it down the line. I've made my mistakes, I've fucked my ups. And in the end, it makes me a better person. 

I want to give a big hug and thanks to everyone who I've trampled over in the meantime, and still sticking by my side. This place is crazy. And I'm dealing. 

Life is just a bunch of twists and turns, and we can plan and plan, but it will never go the way we want. People will never do the things we want them to do. But "it's the people who keeps us going". It's my people. In my breakdowns, in my messes, there's always people here who would tell me it's okay. It's gonna be fine. Take it one step at a time. Thanks guys. ^^

Cheesy? Of course. But thanks for all the little lessons I've learned. I wish things would go my way once in a while, but hell, it's life. 

Thanks for keeping me going.

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This is just so aggravating and stupid, I have to repost it. The lame arrogance of people from... no where.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yikes. Long day today. The worst thing about today happend about 2 hours ago. This is how it went. It was a like any day at work, I was answering the Phone at THE SUN. So here we go. 
L: (Estactically) Red Sun Buffet, may I help you?
Bitch: Yea, I have to get your guys's Shrimp Fried Rice every week, now send me some over.
L: Haha, Thanks, so what size Shrimp Fried Rice would you like?
B: The pint. And give me a small Sprite, too.
L: Umm.. ok, would a can Sprite be ok?
B: Yea, whatever. 
L: You said you wanted this delivered, right?
B: Yeahh.
L: Umm.. well, because of the distance, the order must be at least 15 dollars to be delivered, and you're at 4 dollars plus tax right now.
B: (Starts so to spazz out) What?! You chinese people comin' to America and start cheating money off the Americans, why is it so expensive to get some damn shrimp fried rice. (BTW, this bitch had never ordered from us before, I believe. Oh yes, she's also colored.)
L: This is how we do things, the gas prices are so high, we have to make money somehow. And I'm again, sorry, but that's how things are.
B: Wait, I told you I want the Pint of shrimp fried rice. 
L: Yes, the pint, the small one right?
B: I never said the Small, I wanted the Large Pint! 
L: Umm.. the large is the quart. The Pint is the small.
L: Umm... (goes along with it) Well, that's still only 7 bucks.
B: What the hell, you guys should go back to china (or something along those lines). I"m tired, and I'm not driving out there tonight, so just give me a small pint, too. 
L:I'm sorry, I'm confused, so you would like a Small and a Large Shrimp fried rice right? 
B: Bitch are you retarded, that's what I said at first! (I'm sure she didn't say bitch are you retarded, but something along those lines.)
L: Umm.. ok, we're tired too, aright.(gives her total, no where near the 15 dollars minimum.)
B: I COULD say something back, but I want to make you feel welcome.
L: THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. (OK, I didn't say that exactly.) Are you going to be paying by ca--
B: I'll pay 13 dollars for fucking chinese food, I ain't that cheap. Hangs up.

Damn. What a bitch, I'm not sure how to feel about that, she's racist, but she still likes Chinese food? She hates chinese, but "Loves" chinese food. I didn't want to make that delivery, but my family said to forget, and just do it. They weren't ones om the phone, they don't know how insulted I feel discriminated by such an arrogant and VERY ignorant fellow minority.

So the delivery driver comes back (he's caucasian), and I was like, what did she say? And he was like, the first thing she said was, "You're no China man, what restaurant do you work for?" WHERE THE HELL DID YOU FUCKING CALL WHORE!? I'm sorry if I'm so profane tonight, I'm really aggervated by an arrogant, ignorant BITCH.

I'm sorry, I don't want to sound like a whore, but, we're here just like you are. And we both aren't natives here, you're here first doesn't mean you didn't "get" here. So why hate? We're all immigrants, so the Chinese should go back to China, but the blacks and whites are here to stay because they were here before the other immigrants? Damn it bitch, without the chinese, would you have railroads to haul your asses all over the country because you're not hardworking enough to buy your damn cars? We're immigrants too, but why am I driving a 06 Scion when your to damn poor to put gas in Your 06,but 1906 Fords? We WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY! Damn, it's Saturday night, I'm working to put food on the table and gas in our tanks. You're sitting at home ordering Chinese food and arguing about 15 dollars being too much for CHINESE FOOD. And hating Chinese, but LOVE their food. DAMN.

I'm out, I'm gonna take a shower.. and ONE more thing to the bitch on 8th street, ok, 2 more things, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY THAT SOMETIME AND LAY OFF THE PERFUME WHORE! and YEA, I DO HAVE YOUR NUMBER AND ADDRESS. But, I'm a good person, but a bitch, I WON'T do some immature shit.

Reminder, this was posted when I was 16.... so yeah. Keep that in mind.