Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drifting Flowers

After watching Spider Lilies (刺青)by Zero Zhou, I was pretty reluctant to see Drifting Flowers. But I am utterly bored on this Monday night, and decided to watch a lesbian movie. Woot woot!

There are so many selections for me to choose from, but I wanted to see a good one. Or at least one I know something about. I recently read an interview with the director of Spider Lilies and Drifting Flowers (飄浪青春) and was really intrigued by her story. Miss Zhou wants to make a series of six lesbian movies, to make an impact in the silenced Taiwanese gay community. 

Thoughts for Spider Lilies

I thought the lead actresses were incredibly hot, but not well chosen. Rainie Yang was very good in Spider Lilies, I'm not gonna lie, she did a very good job as the crazy girl who just wants to be loved. The twists in the plot were well-thought out, but it was a strain on the brain to watch. It was a really quiet movie, a little slow for my taste as well. The best part about a lesbian film is seeing two beautiful girls going at it! But it was left on the cutting room floor. (sad face) Well, we didn't miss much, as it could be found on YouTube and it was just a really really awkward, but hot make out scene between Rainie and Isabella.  

The problem for casting Isabella is that she's too... beautiful. She's way too beautiful to play a girl who's supposed to be more masculine. I understand in Drifting, Zero Zhou portrayed a butch/femme relationship, is she trying to do that again with Rainie and Isabella? It's quite stretch. She's too pretty. Basically. The character, Takeko, has many dark secrets, and very introverted. You see Isabella not smile, and it's like, "Whoa! bitch!" Too... off putting. Too off putting to a point that you don't wanna associate with her. You know what I mean? 

Like some people can be somber and not... bitch like. Just you know she's not... wanting to kill your poor puppy.

Anywayyyys. It's been a while since I've seen Spider Lilies, so I might do another blog on that, but OFF TO DRIFTING FLOWERS!

Well, I can either write a recap, or I can write a review. I'm gonna start with a review.

Basically, I wasn't really into this movie because of Spider Lilies, but ended up watching anyways. Yes, I must watch every single Lesbian Movie, so I can be a badass. Or really gay. Or a really gay bad ass. 

Essentially, this story is told in two parts. Though it all wraps up into one large happy family. (That will be $11.77, your pick up number is 12) It's really well told. Maybe some American "breakthrough TV show" writers should get some schooling. (cough) Like every moment is about what's gonna happen next!? Don't stop there! Stupid ass scene setting, just tell me what happens!! There is essentially very little background music, which is nice. But when the background music is on, it's quite annoying. It's the sound of an electronic... I wanna say accordion, but I don't have a ear for music. Unless it's good. ha. Well, so when the ducks aren't dying, it's just mysterious and suspenseful. Quite nice. 

Well, to give an general overview that's not a cut and paste from movie websites... It's one big story surrounding the life of Diego, a self-acclaimed tomboy. The first half of the movie is told through the emotions of Mei Go, a little girl who guides her older blind sister (who's INCREDIBLY gorgeous), Jing (房思瑜) around as she sings at events at night. Diego is an accordion player that's like, new in town. Mei Go developed an incredible crush on this androgynous entity, who, ironically, is in love with her sister. 

When I watched this movie's trailer, a long time ago, I wondered a few things. From what it seems (what the movie portrays), Jing is rather innocent. I don't think she's really been with a guy before. I mean, Diego's rather androgynous, so is she mistaking Diego for a man? I mean, she obviously knows that Diego's a chick, they've fucked. (excuse me!) But Diego is dressed like a dude, (puts Shane to shame) has short hair, and rather long and lanky. Watch the movie, I hope you'll see what I mean. I guess I question if Jing is really attracted to Diego as who she is, or is... kinda stuck with her. 


Okay, Mei Go. I mean, she's like 10, there's no way this adult sexy lady is gonna like her. Mei Go (白芝穎) is incredible cute.  She was really realistic in her role as a typical 10 year-old. Props to her. ^^ But as (young) adults, it's hard to relate to this girl's maturity or immaturity. We sometimes forget that we were once that age, and have these agonies as well. When I was young, I was attracted to... boys and girls. But I was like 9, I had this knowledge inside me that these dudes/dudettes aren't gonna like me, they want someone their own age. But I pretended to be extremely mature, still. That only killed my childhood. Now, I'm 18, and these really hot girls and boys are up for grab... but nobody wants me. :( (sorry about that)

Well, the girl who played the older Mei Go was incredibly cute as well, but she wasn't credited. I wish I can find out who this girl is. She definitely looked a lot like Mei Go, maybe even a sibling. Wouldn't that be fun?

Okay, so Diego (趙逸嵐). The second half of the movie was basically like Diego's coming out story. This flashes back to when Diego was still in high school. (I went through 7 pages of Google Image search for a pic of the actress who plays Diego, and to. no. avail. wtf) Okay, I got one. Well... I don't want to ruin it. 

But as a teenager, Diego was very uncomfortable in her female body, but didn't want to be a boy, at the same time. Based on personal experience, I went through the same things she did, except at a MUCH younger age. I didn't like how I can't run around topless. I didn't like that I had to cover my chest. I didn't like bras either. I didn't like all the girly things connoted with girls. I hated dressed. I hated make-up. I didn't do anything to my hair because... putting it up would be girly. 

Well, I got over myself, after 15 years. I finally became more comfortable with my own sexuality. I no longer feel like I should be squished into a mold. I can be a girl. And I can be a girl however I want to be a girl. 

I also understand how people can be completely unsatisfied with how they look or how other people sees them. I mean, change something. If not you look, then your own mentality about things. And more power to those who do. ^^

I guess the actress who plays Diego is a little androgynous herself. I didn't know that. Hm. Well, Apparently, this androgynous thing is kinda the deal in Asia these days. Like back in 2005, a reality show in China very much like American Idol, but with girls only, out turned a winner, Chris Li 李雨春, who's not the typical beautiful Chinese girl that's more like Jing.

I mean, her voice is pretty good, but NOT that great. You can't vote for your government, but you sure as hell can vote for a national icon! (Thumbs Up) C'mon, now. But I think Chris is über sexy too. I have a secret affinity for androgynous women. No, not really the butch thing, but more so androgyny :D 

Shit, I can just post another blog about Androgynous Asians! 

*ahem* so back to Drifting Flowers, I enjoyed the movie more than I expected. The cinematography was a little annoying, like a geek with a new computer, and adding all these unnecessary annoying little details to make the movie more "artsy". I really like how the story ties back around together in a pretty little bow. 

I also liked how Drifting Flowers also stayed away from the homophobic eye. It slightly touched upon the family's worries for their daughter, and some Chinese family values, but there wasn't anything negative. Our society, especially the traditional Asian society, frequently acts hatefully towards our harmless group. But this movie told the story it is what it is, regardless of view of the common people, this was love. "Love is love, it doesn't matter boy or girl." 

I really like how most of the movie is not spoken in the traditional Mandarin dialect, but in the Taiwanese dialect. In the little villages Diego lives in, the residents WERE more likely to speak Taiwanese than Mandarin. This really adds a kick to the movie, which I really liked and appreciated. It gives a local flair. 

This movie makes me realize how cute and cozy the gay community is, and how much I enjoy being a part of it. So, here is the trailer, you can find the movie on YouTube as well.

Thanks for reading. ^^


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  2. I watched this movie the other day. I like how the movie and all the characters are connected. I like the part with the old lady who has dementia, and she is her friend is her lover.