Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls who don't look like girls: Top 5 Androgynous girls

I'm not gonna lie, I have a secret fetish for androgynous women. Well, apparently so does the rest of Asia. But I'm not bi or straight. Like, when I make a statement like that, people would usually comment like, "Oh, so you like girls who look like boys. Is that the secret straight girl in you?" Well, to that comment, there's a little straight girl in every lesbian. And there's a little gay girl in every straight girl. ;D 

I must clarify, I don't like... "butch". I don't like girls who is in the wifebeater and baggy jeans. I don't like the dyke cut or mullet. I guess when I think of "butch", I think of thicker girls and more masculine. 

(Disclaimer: totally all MY opinion) 

I, personally, like scrawny girls with awesome hair that aren't always in dresses and face caked with make up. (如果你卸了裝我不認得你的話,那不叫做化裝,那叫喬裝) "If you take off your make up and I can't recognize you, that's not called make up, it's called disguise" - Dayo Wang. I swear it sounds a lot better in Chinese, the original language the joke was told in. ;D

Not gonna lie, I was pretty reluctant to admit that I am extremely attracted to these girls, because what would that say about my gayity!? Okay, I'm still reluctant to admit that I find some "butch" girls are hot too, probably for the same reason. I'll let you guys know when I do find one attractive. I've got nothing to hide. 

Most of these androgynous but not butchy girls are Asian, I apologize, because I can't really think of any white ones that really fits "my taste". But I'm not the only one who are fans of them, the little Asian girls in China and Taiwan like them too... what does that say about the Asian population? They're a little... ggehy? ;)

Well, here is a sampling, the top 5 girls I believe are gorgeous in their androgyny. 

5. Ella from S.H.E. 
(Far left, duh)
She's more masculine than the other two of the group, and she's definitely considered "gender-neutral". I don't know if Ella was packaged by their record label to be the more tomboyish or what, but she pulls it off every well. Ella is often the lone one out of the group not wearing a dress or mini-skirt.When I first encountered S.H.E., I was extremely critical of their group, without even listening to their music first. I wasn't secure with my sexuality, thus I wasn't secure with Ella's. Ella's deeper, huskier voice raised rumors regarding her sex back in the days (even today, still).  But I've grown to love her lots, I think she's really real and hilarious. She's also the number one rapper in Taiwan too. Well, not officially, but she does a lot of rap for the group. 

4. Zhao Yi Lan (Star from Drifting Flowers
(Far right, this time)
Before watching Drifting Flowers, I would think Yi Lan's okay, but after, she's super cute! In the movie, you see multiple angles of her, with some "age" added to her make up, she definitely looks good. Yi Lan's tall and lanky, but with a childish face and smile, STOLE MY HEART. She's more masculine than Ella, but Yi Lan is just cute and kinda charming. 

3. Chris Li (Winner of 2005 China's Pop Idol) 
Chris Li won, I would say the first "election" in China. Very similarly to American Idol, viewers would text or call in their votes to their favorite girls on TV to determine the winner of the singing contest. She is very pretty. Besides Ella, Chris is probably the first androgynous girl on Asian media that I'm aware of. (Don't quote me!) Chris is like the hot version of William Hung. She can actually sing a little better than him (hopefully), but has the positive attitude of "doing her best". I've heard she's an incredible dancer, too. But yeah, Chris is tall and beautiful, with some pretty nice breasticular region as well. I used to be kinda repelled by her, until my cousin sent me some pics of her being SUPER cute. ;D

2. Zhang Yun Jing (Winner of Taiwan's singing show of some sort) 
If you ever heard Yun Jing sing, you're definitely gonna be swooning all over the place. Above, she looks SUPER cute in her Jay Chou-like suit-thing. I LOVE her hair. Yun Jing is shorter (than Yi Lan and Chris), and kinda is quiet and chilled-out, kinda like a archaeological dig, get her to open up and find out more about her. One a variety show once, she was seen wearing a yellow knitted sweater and large tv-frame glasses with black rims. (drools a little) Yun Jing was once interviewed before a song, and she cried on stage about her ex (bf/gf?) of 3 years, and she wanted to dedicate Jay Chou's Black Humor to her/him. Super sensitive, super cute. I think Yun Jing is more softer-butch, if I even wanna use that term, than Yi Lan. The girl just seems really down to earth. In the following video, her voice is a lot more feminine than her speaking voice... (drools again)

1. The number one spot... belongs to... 

Katherine Moennig. 
I know, I know, she's the only white one. I'm sorry! But I think Kate is super sexy. I know, I'm one of those girls who swoon at Kate's skinny-ass ass, and husky voice and super hot hair, and soulful eyes, and... yeah. I guess the difference between the other girls and Shane Kate is that she's sexy. And I have a relationship with her, as I made it through six years of The L Word-ness. I feel bad, I really am "one of those girls". Like I think Kate is super hot and she seems really sweet and tries really hard to give every one of us fans a good performance on the screen. 

Well, congratulations, Kate Moennig, for being the sexiest of the sexy androgynies. ;) Like she haven't topped this kinda list all over the net. (I wish I can tell her how sexy is she in person. But I guess it wouldn't just be that, I'd have to roofie her, then I'd be arrested because I don't cover my tracks well enough. Then I'd have to sit my ass in jail, but who's gonna have the bragging rights to have shagged Shane Kate Moennig? Yup. Me.)


  1. Androgyny is so hot!:)

    No prob, happy to follow your blog lol while i try to figure out my own.. I'm still pretty new at this blogging scene...But I hope I can use it as another form of promoting equality between all black/white/gay/bisexual/trans/latina/young/old people, and work harder to erase any and all forms of discrimination:)
    ~peace and love~

  2. Ahah I had no idea that others shared my taste! I seriously thought I was the only weird bisexual girl who liked androgynous girls. XD And I was getting pretty irritated of people saying I wasn't officially gay if I didn't like super-girly girls.

    Anyway, glad I stumbled upon your blog~ Chris Li & Yun Jing are gorgeous~~

    I'm assuming you're Chinese? If you are (or any kind of Asian really) how do people in Asia react to gays? Is it more open than in the US or less? I'm just wondering because I'm Asian and I have to live in China for a month over summer. D:

  3. I am Chinese and I'm hoping to spend a month in China as well!

    I haven't tried picking up chicks in China yet, but I don't think it'd go over too well. haha ;D

    Thank you for running into my blog! I greatly appreciate support, and hopefully you'll continue reading!

    Well, the chinese people have an "healthy" perspective of gay people.. In the sense that they don't think about it. Like my parents would never assume someone is gay off the bat even if they're really masculine or feminine. I think they have the same homophobia as the people in America, because they are trying to be more westernized, and that is one of the traits brought on by westernization, unfortunately. But I wouldn't run around saying you like girls. I think they are in disbelief in the most part. Chinese people aren't exposed to gays as much, they are more mythical.

    Well, I hope you enjoy your stay in China, I usually always do! ;D

  4. Yeah, I did suspect that China had that kind of mentality where they just don't think about it. It doesn't seem as popular there as in the US, I think. Strange, though, if the androgynous look is so popular...?

    Ahah I know I already said this, but man. Ever since reading this post I've developed a huge girl-crush on Yun Jing. (8 I'm glad I found it via google images, strangely enough.

    Also, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about picking up chicks? Ahah not to make you too uncomfortable or anything. I haven't even come out yet, and I don't really know anyone I can talk to since my parents/most people I know are major homophobes.

  5. Of course! I must tell you, I am not very good at it, considering I've at college, am out, and still single. haha ;D

    Yeah, facebook me, if you facebook, if not email me at aznchick09@gmail.com ;D

  6. Hi, searching for zhang yun jing detail and come across ur blog...
    well...all of ur top 5 androgynous girls is also my favorite and my top favorite also been given to kate *shane* ...she is just so cool..
    I like ur topic regarding tis...
    well..my self..also one tomboyish girl....
    ur topic is interest..

    btw..nice to meet u...^^

  7. Thank you! Thank you for stumbling across my blog! I hope you enjoy the content and continues reading! I just got into a debate this morning with my roommate actually, regarding the legitimacy of liking girls who look like boys. It's the fact that she's a girl that look like a boy is what makes them sexy. Though I personally do prefer femmes, it's quite exotic to come across girls who are gorgeous not because they fit the stereotypical femininity. :D

  8. Apparently I look pretty androgynous haha
    Especially in this pic
    But I'm far from being as good looking as your top 5.

  9. Lol, I think you're cute. But you must realize, these girls are paid to look like that. ;)

  10. interesting view, for me i think that the asian version of a tomboy is different to the american/caucasion version. just the stereotypes that form both of them are similar but there are differences in characteristics. tend to notice asian tomboys still have feminine characteristics such as the way they act and they also care highly about the way they dress. noticed you didn't list some typical cute tomboys such as nike, chris, yang yang etc.

  11. That is because those little tomboys aren't hot.

    And I agree with the aspects of cultural differences. But I think western tomboys care just as much as the asian ones, if not they'd all be wearing sweats and a hoodie. We obviously know that that's the trademark of a Sorority girl. :P

    I've seen tomboys across the spectrum of the "sloppy" to "clean" like the asian ones. But we must realize that most of those I listed are celebrities, so they may or may not be packaged in a certain way, and they are supposed to come off as "this is the way I've always been". Those typical ones, yang yang etc are not packaged.

    Thanks for your input. ;P

  12. look up amber lee from f(x)
    she umm *koff koff* (HOT!!!)