Sunday, May 24, 2009

Age is Just A Number...?

So by request, there is an excellent topic that I wanna talk about: "How young is too young for me to date your skinny ass?" or "If I remember when the dinos became petroleum, is that too old for you to date me?" 

Like classic folks say, "Age is just a number". That's what cougars say when they want to bang some fresh meat. Or what gold diggers say when they need someone new to feed their habit. (I'm speaking of Abercrombie & Fitch, Luxury hand bags, luxury sunglasses, overpriced French food, and occasionally, crack.) I personally think there's a limit or restriction. 

We actually talked about that in my Gender Studies class last semester, and we concurred as a class that legal limits are set for a reason. A youngster under the age of 18 has a prematurely developed frontal lobe that prevents them from accurate make decision about anything. (I hate hate hate being stuck behind kids at the cereal aisle, they can't ever decide between Cinnamon Toast Crunch or French Toast Crunch. [or maybe it was just my dilemma since I'm the only one old enough to even remotely remember that they ever made a "French Toast Crunch". Greatest cereal ever. I swear])

Well, going back to the topic... 

I personally have no fucking idea how I feel about age and relationships. Like I, an 18 year-old, always have been crushing older women ever since I was aware of my gayness. But how old is too old? I like older women because they are more mature, and I can be my gay ass immature self with them and be justified because I am young. I also like to blame all my faults and immaturity on me being a kid. But no longer can I do that, right?

High schoolers bother me. I know, I need to get off my high horse because I should only be a high schooler, getting ready to graduate. But I feel like a year of college whipped me into shape. I know how to deal with people better, talk to people, and being myself and having a good ass time. High schoolers tend to hold on to things beyond their reach. (I guess it's just some people in general). But once you hit a stage in your life, you learn to let go of things that don't matter as much or can't help. Maybe it's all me. But I always had a hard time working with younger people, and preferred older people. 

As I hit a plateau of maturity, I am hoping that everyone is on the same page after... 18, 19? I mean, there is a significant difference between 15 year-old Lisa and 18 year-old Lisa. And I guess I'm just assuming that everyone else is the same. Assuming. I don't know for sure. Also I talked to someone a little bit ago, she was 14, 15ish, and I was 17, and we didn't click that well. I blamed it on the age, but it might just be because we're different people. 

See, I have no right writing about this, since I know nothing about this topic and I am sure as hell confused as everyone else is about it!

I mean, I wouldn't mind trying things out to see if it's the age or the person. I would conduct an experiment with controlled variables down to the very last hair on the back of someone's feet. Too bad that's impossible. 

I guess, in conclusion, the only thing that matters is if these two people are on the same page of their life. I think it's completely ridiculous to date someone right before they go off to college. College opens up a world of new experiences, and it would be completely unfair to have a long distance relationship that might "hinder" (I know it's not the best word for it) the ultimate college experience. It's also ridiculous to think that a high school relationship will last forever. According to my friends stats, they don't. People become on different pages of their lives, people change, it's a fact. 

It seems weird to me to date someone under the age of 18 that's MUCH younger than me. I would feel like a paedo. I mean, a 13-14 year-old would have nothing to offer me. More likely than not, they would not have a path set for themselves that they want to follow like I do. They are kids. I am not. I'm responsible. And that would also be illegal. I do enough illegal shit that that shouldn't be one of them. 

Anyone older than I would be okay, as long as they want the same things out of life as I. 

I don't know what else to ultimately say, other than this:

I guess age doesn't really matter as long as two people are open for discussion regarding what who wants out of a relationship. Make sure that portal is open, because life situations change. A lot. 

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  1. Interesting take.. I agree with the last paragraph. =)

    I think though, that age IS just a number, and by that, I mean the physical age. [I'm neither a cougar nor a gold digger!! =P) One could be emotionally 22 when he/she is only physically 18. Or one could be 35 and still acts like a kid. In my opinion, so long as the emotional age isn't too far apart, age shouldn't be a problem. [I completely realize that there are other aspects to consider that could affect a relationship, but we're just talking about age here. =)]

    You certainly seem very proud of being 18 eh! =P You've just graduated from high school and already 'high schoolers bother me'.. Hahahha.. You crack me up yo!! =) And you've reached a plateau on your maturity level at 18??

    Oh.. and btw, the greatest cereal EVER is Honey Comb.. =P

    PS. Thanks for reading my blog. =)