Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Storm. Is. Gathering.

In response to NOM's million dollar campaign regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage, there is a plethora of parodies out on the web. Some are simplistic ones that are voiced-over with interjection of video clips, then there's the Liz Feldman's star studded parody, one put out by Shoot the Messenger, and then there's my favorite: the Stephen Colbert's. If I were to repost them, it'd be like searching for any blog. Well, I am 'any blog', so I would do that. But then again I have a 7 page paper due in a few days. So I'm just gonna post some lines I would rewrite. ;D

The Liz Feldman's was cute, with all the stars, but the punchline was okay, and the sense of humor was too much like Liz's randomness. which I do and don't appreciate. Colbert's version has the most funny lines, but didn't have a punch-kick effect. And Shoot The Messenger's version was a little dry with the crazy lookin' people. hah. I'm not saying any of those were bad, as I can't replicate or come up with any of those jokes myself. But I'm gonna give it a stab.

I'm lame, so please, just... yeah. mmhmm

There's a storm gathering. 
The clouds are dark, much like (thinks for a minute) Azkaban. 
And I am afraid. 
Some who advocate for same-sex marriage has taken the issue far beyond same-sex couples.
They want to bring the issue into Dementor's lips. 
My soul might be eaten, as I am really butch.
I am a California doctor who doesn't know how to treat gay people... and people without souls.
I'm part of a New Jersey Church group who went under because wizards and witches do not believe in God. 
I'm a Hogwarts parent helplessly watching Dumbledore teach same-sex magic to my wizards and witches. FROM. HIS. GRAVE.
And his professors who advocate for same-sex marriage are either secretly involved in a cult, is a werewolf, or interracial giants. 
Hogwarts want to change the way I live. as a muggle.
I will have no choice. Either send me child to a school of the gifted and watch them turn gay, or let Dumbledore corrupt their minds. FROM. THE. GRAVE.
(Fleur speaking) The. Storm. Is. Coming. 
But we have hope (Name tagged Draco Owens), a Floo Powder coalition of Muggles, Squibs, Mudbloods, and Purebloods are coming together in love to protect marriage. Visit Join Us. 

Paid for by Global Wizards and Witches Who Think J.K. Rowling Is A Fraud. A Lesbian Fraud. Which is may or may not be responsible for the validity of Harry Potter's scar. 

I hope people don't take this with offense that I butchered a greatly loved Epic series...

Have a great day!

And enjoy this vid while you're bored. ;D

The Homolulu Show


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