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This is just so aggravating and stupid, I have to repost it. The lame arrogance of people from... no where.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yikes. Long day today. The worst thing about today happend about 2 hours ago. This is how it went. It was a like any day at work, I was answering the Phone at THE SUN. So here we go. 
L: (Estactically) Red Sun Buffet, may I help you?
Bitch: Yea, I have to get your guys's Shrimp Fried Rice every week, now send me some over.
L: Haha, Thanks, so what size Shrimp Fried Rice would you like?
B: The pint. And give me a small Sprite, too.
L: Umm.. ok, would a can Sprite be ok?
B: Yea, whatever. 
L: You said you wanted this delivered, right?
B: Yeahh.
L: Umm.. well, because of the distance, the order must be at least 15 dollars to be delivered, and you're at 4 dollars plus tax right now.
B: (Starts so to spazz out) What?! You chinese people comin' to America and start cheating money off the Americans, why is it so expensive to get some damn shrimp fried rice. (BTW, this bitch had never ordered from us before, I believe. Oh yes, she's also colored.)
L: This is how we do things, the gas prices are so high, we have to make money somehow. And I'm again, sorry, but that's how things are.
B: Wait, I told you I want the Pint of shrimp fried rice. 
L: Yes, the pint, the small one right?
B: I never said the Small, I wanted the Large Pint! 
L: Umm.. the large is the quart. The Pint is the small.
L: Umm... (goes along with it) Well, that's still only 7 bucks.
B: What the hell, you guys should go back to china (or something along those lines). I"m tired, and I'm not driving out there tonight, so just give me a small pint, too. 
L:I'm sorry, I'm confused, so you would like a Small and a Large Shrimp fried rice right? 
B: Bitch are you retarded, that's what I said at first! (I'm sure she didn't say bitch are you retarded, but something along those lines.)
L: Umm.. ok, we're tired too, aright.(gives her total, no where near the 15 dollars minimum.)
B: I COULD say something back, but I want to make you feel welcome.
L: THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH. (OK, I didn't say that exactly.) Are you going to be paying by ca--
B: I'll pay 13 dollars for fucking chinese food, I ain't that cheap. Hangs up.

Damn. What a bitch, I'm not sure how to feel about that, she's racist, but she still likes Chinese food? She hates chinese, but "Loves" chinese food. I didn't want to make that delivery, but my family said to forget, and just do it. They weren't ones om the phone, they don't know how insulted I feel discriminated by such an arrogant and VERY ignorant fellow minority.

So the delivery driver comes back (he's caucasian), and I was like, what did she say? And he was like, the first thing she said was, "You're no China man, what restaurant do you work for?" WHERE THE HELL DID YOU FUCKING CALL WHORE!? I'm sorry if I'm so profane tonight, I'm really aggervated by an arrogant, ignorant BITCH.

I'm sorry, I don't want to sound like a whore, but, we're here just like you are. And we both aren't natives here, you're here first doesn't mean you didn't "get" here. So why hate? We're all immigrants, so the Chinese should go back to China, but the blacks and whites are here to stay because they were here before the other immigrants? Damn it bitch, without the chinese, would you have railroads to haul your asses all over the country because you're not hardworking enough to buy your damn cars? We're immigrants too, but why am I driving a 06 Scion when your to damn poor to put gas in Your 06,but 1906 Fords? We WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY! Damn, it's Saturday night, I'm working to put food on the table and gas in our tanks. You're sitting at home ordering Chinese food and arguing about 15 dollars being too much for CHINESE FOOD. And hating Chinese, but LOVE their food. DAMN.

I'm out, I'm gonna take a shower.. and ONE more thing to the bitch on 8th street, ok, 2 more things, MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY THAT SOMETIME AND LAY OFF THE PERFUME WHORE! and YEA, I DO HAVE YOUR NUMBER AND ADDRESS. But, I'm a good person, but a bitch, I WON'T do some immature shit.

Reminder, this was posted when I was 16.... so yeah. Keep that in mind.

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