Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss Gay IU!

Okay, so this weekend, was a busy one. 

Last Friday, was the extremely highly hyped Miss Gay Indiana University 2009. Woot! And it totally lived up to the hype. It was incredibly fun! The jokes were extremely out of line, and awesome. Everyone was totally into the whole thing, and the performances were totally sweet. It gives me more respect that these people can poke fun at themselves and still be respectable. ^^

We didn't get to stay for the whole show, but what we saw was great. (Omg, Saw and was... are the backwards!) 

What was weird for me, was, during in the intermission, we were standing in the lobby, and there was this extremely cute girl there talking to her friend. She was saying things like, "Can you believe the show? They started talking about sex and fisting!" with a disgusted voice. Holy shit, girl, what the hell are you doing here? There's other things to do on campus at 7 pm that involves alcohol and dudes. 

Like one of the girls said, "we just need better understanding of each other, then I can stay in my yard, and you can yours." 

Don't be walkin' in my turf if you're not ready to accept what's comin' out of our mouths! I mean, I appreciate the effort for the extremely hot chick to show up to a drag show, but... if you're gonna make those comments, just go back to your frat house.

So yeah, regardless... it was incredibly fun, if any of you guys have the chance, totally check out a drag show! You'd never know where you'd find me. haha ^^

Congratulations to Miss Chanel Cartier, who is Miss Gay IU 2009! 

P.s. I also won Ludacris. ;D

I, Roommate Amy, and Miss Vicky

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