Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inisghtful? or Just rantings?

I have a theory. I have theories about everything, c'mon. Whether or not you agree with me, that's not the point. Tell me what you think, but c'mon now, if you're reading this, give me some respect.


In this homophobic world that we live in today, what incentive does a bisexual have to come out? If they only like women 50% of the time, what are the chances of actually finding a women to settle down with? Why be ostracized by their families or the world if they can just hide it? Having a drunken fling with another girl satisfies her curiosity with women while being able to go back to her boyfriend, or men in general. No body has to know beyond that.

It's almost easier to be a slut who fucks women and men than a homosexual. na mean?

"Being a bisexual in the media today is basically saying, 'I'm here to fix the copier'." It's quite erotic and many "opportunities" may sprout from that. This isn't about empowering women to love who they want, it's about being objectified all over again. Or maybe people DO feel empowered by being a bisexual. I don't know, I don't know what is the mentality behind a bisexual, since I am not one myself.

I guess my biggest fear against bisexuals are that they will eventually go back to men, "like the natural order of nature". or, whatever.

I finally can understand that people are able to like whoever and not necessarily be a slut. Bis just get a bad rep. I mean, that doesn't nullify my experiences with bisexuals, but I guess there are people out there who are not "slutty" and bi. Hello, my name is Lisa Yang, I've been waiting to meet you for awhile now, how are you doing today?

Recently, I read an article regarding the sexuality and arousal. It seemed pretty clear cut that when men is aroused, a certain reaction happens. But it's harder to detect the arousal of a woman. But somehow they've manage to invent a machine to do so.

In the study, researchers would hook up the turned-on-o-meter to a woman, and measure her pulse, blood flow and brain activity when exposed to pictures of people making out. You know, like straight, lesbian, and gay males. Just for shits and giggles, they also showed the women pictures of animals doin' the dirty business.

The result? Many self-identified heterosexuals or lesbians had reactions to ALL those images. Even the animals. Does that mean they're into bestiality? NO. I hope not, at least. I hope not all women are sex fiends. (Yikes!)

Basically, women are more emotional, and when subjected these imageries, there exist an arousal. But it doesn't necessarily mean they are attracted or want to participate.

So when there was an article was released about "closeted bisexuals" at AfterEllen, evaluate the article yourself here. I wish they would not be biased in their reportings and leak half the story. The research I read about was from Mary Roach, in her book "Bonk". And the article about closeted bisexuals was a Fox News report. That explains, right?

I don't know who's exactly correct, but based on the information I've received... The Fox News production kinda annoyed me.

I personally am aroused by a lot of things, but not necessarily does it mean I want to engage in it. Maybe you think I'm sub-consciously unaware of my stance on sexual orientation... but fuck you.

Basically, because this is my thought on bisexuals. because they are a composition of our LGBTQQ family, I'm all for stating my opinion on it. If you're bi and you're out, more power to ya. But rather, if you're bi and doesn't feel the need to come out? Power still the same. Why subject yourself to world of hate if it might not be the ultimate thing you end doing? na mean?

If I was bi, I wouldn't come out unless I was dating a girl.

Thanks for reading guys. I really wish I get my own blog soon....

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