Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If my life was a Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese Idol Drama...

(One of my faves) 

First of all, it wouldn't air, I'm not "cute" enough.
There would be more misunderstandings than political humorists. 
I would be straight.
I would be paired up with a extremely beautiful boy. Which means he's probably prettier than I. Which means I'd have to have AMAZING dialogue or acting skillz. haha

Someone in the show is very rich. And someone is very poor. 

Someone in the show would be really arrogant, then turned soft. 

I would first be one of those be one of those girls who wants to find love, but can't. I would have an incredible crush on some hot ass guy on campus that all the girls want. Of course, I'm just "okay" looking, he wouldn't know of my existence. Then I would somehow miraculously start bumping into another guy. Then all our encounterments would result in us hating each other. Then I would realize my best guy friend was in love with me. Then I would reject him, even though he's awesome, because I'm in love with the campus guy. Who turns out to be a jerk. But my best girl friend would be pissed at me because the best guy friend, she has a crush on. Then somehow, the annoying guy that I've been running into a lot, starts to be there for me when shit happens. 

Then I would find out that he's actually affiliated with some kind of triad activity. Then I would be swirled into the triad activity. The opposing "family" in the triad activity would happen to be my best guy friend. Now I'm trapped between this really nice annoying guy that I'm starting to fall for, but won't admit it to myself, and my best guy friend who's always protected me, and has a thing for me.

In the end, the campus guy somehow enters my life by chance, and is willing to take me away from the triad life. But then he's a jerk. 

Later in the pre-finale, you find out that he's actually very sweet, and because of his ailing mother, he's pretending to be a jerk so he doesn't have to deal with women. Or some shit like that. 

Campus guy tries to remove me from the gang battles, and my best guy friend was shot. And died. Climax of the show. 

Then the campus guy went crazy because his mother actually died, and can't get over himself, as she's all he had all his life. 

Now I'm stuck with the triad guy who has a secret life that no one knows about, but me, and we end happily ever after.

Did I just summarize the jest of every Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese idol drama known to mankind?

The only difference, I guess, is just swap out the triad with different story lines such an illegitimate child, a rich family goes poor, a hair stylist (actually any profession), high school, or some shit like that. 

Well, matters not, this shit is just for entertainment purposes, it's pure fluff. Enjoy it and move on. ^^

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