Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Reproduction is just the side effect.

I've been meaning to pick this blog back up for SUCH a long time. Shit, the last time I posted was back in '09. I know wines that are older that that.

Something about posting in a blog that I really like. Naturally, my fingers just find the curves of the keys and type away. I don't actually have any good content lately, but I can try to pull something out. Hmm. I got it.

Alright, so I was sitting in my "Media and Society" class the other day, and we're talking about sex. Ahhh, only my favorite topic, no?

Alright, so here it goes: we're talking about sex and this girl brings up a very interesting topic. "So back in the prairie days (I think she's talking about the 1850s?), people had sex to reproduce. The husband would be married to the wife, and it wouldn't have mattered if the wife came or anything, it was all about reproduction. Like now, we care about our feelings and emotions and pleasures." I stopped listening around then. She wasn't making a point.

Well, actually, she was. But I'm just quite curious; "the prairie people" had sex for reproduction only? I mean, there's just SO MUCH to do out in the open plaines! I have to get up at 5 am, milk my buffalo, pet my chicken, clean my horse. And then I have to go chase my buffalo before they fly away and clip their wings... Geez, I don't have time for sex.

The thing is, sex is such a natural need and desire. I highly doubt that "the prairie people" had sex ed like my 5th grade health class. I mean, what are the chances that John knew the mechanics of "sex"? You put it in, you take it out, you put it in again, and there was a funny feeling. If you do it enough times, my legs get weak and my soul leaks out. And for some weird reason, my wifey's belly's getting bigger, Hmm.. I better feed her less, if not she might eat all my buffalo wings.

I'm sure they were more sophisticated than that. But I don't know how about feel about, "people from the olden days only had sex for reproduction".

I've heard about affairs throughout history. Cleopatra and Antony, for example, is a classic tale. Their relationship not political, they had no desire to reproduce. They just want to fuck. There, I said it. Napoleon and Josephine. Granted those couples weren't necessarily having an "affair", but what they had was true love. It wasn't a partnership, it wasn't a business transaction.

Reproduction is side-effect. Pleasure is the main drug.

In the present day, we don't have to chase flying buffalos anymore, or pet our own chickens, we have time to sit down and think about what makes us feel good. In the publishing age, people will write about ANYTHING they can get their hands on. Go to amazon.com (this is NOT an endorsement, you better pay up, Amazon!) and search up a book on annnyyy topic you want. I'll go ahead and do an example. Penis enlargement. Twitter. How to Spit. I searched how to spit and I found that salamanders spit to protect themselves. See what's happening here? Back in the days, it's "If you can't, you teach." Now it's, "If you can't, you write about it".

So how's surprised that there's 5 bajillion books out there on "sex"? I am totally getting that penis enlargement book too, Super Saver Shipping! Wahbam!

My point? Oh yeah. So now, we have the time to sit down and discuss what feels good to us, and make it about us.

The misconception of "people back then don't have sex for fun" is wrong. What I'm saying is, there were people out there who had sex for fun. There were people out there who had sex for reproduction. People now have sex for fun. (we're more vocal about it, c'mon have you never checked out Ijustmadelove.com?) There are also people now who have sex for reproduction. It just seem like a crime these days if you're fucking but not enjoying.

Shit, final tomorrow. 'Til next time, bloggers.

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  1. A new post! Been waiting for this. ◠‿◠✿

    You're right. People have been fucking for the fun of it, completely oblivious to the whole baby part of the equation, since the discovery of dirt. And even today, after millions of years of poking the clam, some people are still surprised when a screaming baby pops out a few months later. "Whoa Nikki - where did that come from?!!"

    Now Ima go pet my chicken. :D