Monday, September 07, 2009

Batman's SuperPower

People have problems with Batman. Some say he's not a real superhero. Some say he's the real super super hero because he doesn't have any "super powers".

But No. I would like to disagree. I believe Batman as superpowers, thus, he is a superhero.

Superman has superhuman strength, ability to fly, and bullet proof.

Flash has super human speed.

Aquaman is fish.

Spiderman has spider DNA interfused into his human DNA.

All the different X-Men are mutants.

Wonderwoman hates men.

Welp. Batman has super powers. His super power is his superhuman ability to make money. He is a baller, which helps him buy all his gadgets and machines. Without money, he cannot make a titanium-bat blood-infused pimp ride.

By that logic, Bill Gates also has superhuman powers.

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