Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shot Down # 3232

Alright, so being in the relationship business, being shot down is like trying the grapes at the grocery. It looks really good, you go for it, then realize it's sour than most lemons. But at least you know not to buy it. ;)

So today, on my day off, I went to Charlotte Rouge. You know to pick up some sexy-wear for my trip to NYC this weekend. ;D As I entered the store, this girl comes up to me to offer me assistance, like any place that employs good employees. Which I usually don't get offered help there, because I'm so asian and everything. So this assistance-offering was awkward for me. But also very welcomed. I was first put off because someone even offered to help, but 3.34 seconds later, I also noticed how cute the girl was. ;) She was short, blonde, and ├╝ber sweet. My fave. 

So, holding my niece, I wandered the store a little bit. And she came back around to offer me shoe sizes. Another personal phenomenon for me. So I was sold by this girl.

Alright, eyeing her for a little bit, I finally got up the courage and said this to her: "I'll trade you her (my niece Anna) for your phone number."

Then she gave me something I use myself frequently: The awkward, "I'm not interested" laugh.

Oooh... yikes. 

It's okay though, it's not me, it's her. ;) At least I tried the grape even at the risk of someone coming up to me, and saying "That's stealing!!"


  1. I love how you tie your first and last paragraph.. =D

    Maybe that girl is like me.. I like babies/kids for like 10 minutes, and then I'd like to be able to return him/her to his/her respective owner please. If you were to offer her, say your watch.. things might be different.. =P

    And did you buy anything from that store?

    BTW, from this and previous posts, it seems like you think of being Asian as a negative attribute.. yes/no? Why?

  2. Oh, and =( to you contributing to the Asian stereotype of always 'trying on fruits or food on the bulk section'..

    An old Caucasian lady actually insulted me once, in the grocery store, while both of us were standing near the 'bulk section'. She said something like 'You Asians are dirty, cheap people, always trying on foods, and not buy.' I was SO dumb-founded and shocked and embarrassed! I did not say anything back, shame on me.

    Ah.. Sozzz.. Your post just brought back that particular memory that I've been trying to block.