Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star 運財至叻星

Many people probably haven't even heard of this movie before. And I don't blame them. Many people probably have seen this movie like 34543 million times because it comes up on their TVB programming 34543 million times, every Chinese New Years. And people probably just watch it in the background as they feast with their families or play mahjong or eat dumplings. I've seen it 34543 million times times 4. I just bought it on DVD last summer before I went off to college. 

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(Yeah, I have a multi-disc DVD player, be jealous! Actually no, I don't, I'm not a baller, I just have 3 DVD players. ><)

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(correction: I WILL NOT do a schpeal about that Zac Effron movie, though I love love love Matthew Perry. I might just post a blog about how stupid the movie seems and I'd never watch it, but I WILL NEVER DO A REVIEW!!)

I LOVE Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star! It's completely retarded, but it was very cleverly written with joke after joke after joke! It's the epitome of classic HK comedy. They just don't make movies like they used to.. ><

Starring 陳百祥,袁靑見靑見 (Sorry, I can't find the character for her name in my version of chinese input ><), 鐘麗緹,Michael Wong, and many many famous guest cameo stars. My favorite is probably 吳鎮宇, his role as the main antagonist on Earth. Freaking hilarious. 

I think it's a really simplistic movie with a few simplistic cutesy themes, and that's enough to sell me.

TTLS is about a windfall god that came down to Earth because his "lover" (just another hot chick he has the hots for) has been banished to Earth because she was dating another "god". Who happens to be an angel, an envoy sent to Chinese Heaven by Jesus. St. Michael. haha So he just picked up his ass and left his cushy job as a god, with magic and longevity and fans to risk losing his job forever and being a mortal (oh no!) FOR A GIRL!? Who does that shit?! Well, I didn't graduate high school early for a girl. Or did I? I don't remember, little 5 happened. ;D

Turns out either Superman can fly into the heavens, or he's a god. I'd prefer the former, he's a bad ass, but doesn't have the creds to be wandering around with Choi Sun, Yuk Wong Dai Dei, Yi Long Sun, Sou Xing Gong and the like. 

Okay, so since this is a LGBT (remember kids, L comes first!) blog, I might as well interject some LGBT shit into this movie. hehe. 

So Nak (the windfall god) is on Earth, and he has to get his goddess, who's now a regular human (but was a porn star), Christie, to say those three magical words that every person fear ("abra cada bra!" or "mali mali hom!") so he can take her back to heaven with him.  
(„noʎ ǝʌoן ı„ : ʎןןɐnʇɔɐ sı ɹǝʍsuɐ ʇɔǝɹɹoɔ ǝɥʇ)

Of course she's gonna be a ho about it. But it's not her fault, Nak never explained the premise of the deal about being a goddess and the power and the longevity and fans and shit of the like. If he did, shit, I'd take it runaway from Earth and my 全城最受歡迎男歌手:城城 (City's most popular male singer: Xeng Xeng) boyfriend. I can pick up all the other hot goddess chicks and have hot goddess sex all of eternity. ;D

Well, so Matchmaker God, Yuet Lo, gave Nak a pill that one would eat and fall deeply in love with Nak. Guess who didn't eat the pill? Guess who did? Yup, Xeng Xeng did. 

So we have a gay boy in this movie now. We have a potential gay-lationship ready to blossom! Yeah, but Nak is too much in love with Christie. Or whatever. 

There's this very funny scene where Christie asks Xeng if he wants Nak or her. Those hos, don't know you how to share? Geez. Well, he wants Nak so Christie leaves. Wait, he wants Christie. Xeng wants both!! Oh no! What should he do!? "How about you leave? That'll make things uncomplicated," Nak interjects during a supposed "private" conversation. 

Well, Xeng doesn't leave. He stays. It's such a typical HK movie where the main characters are the only ones with remotely good acting skillz and everyone else is reading dialogue. Christie was probably only employed for this movie because she's a sexy beast. Michael actually did a pretty convincing job as a gay boy who's in love with Nak. Beautiful (who's original name was Liza, when she was dating Cup Noodle [羅家英]) was seriously an okay actress, her expressions were over exaggerated, but that's what this movie sought. Also, there are so many little puns in this movie that you'd only understand if you are a die-hard TVB fan. (in which I have the membership card for ;D)

But this gay relationship wasn't criticized or denounced. It was simply an easy way to poke at Michael Wong. So it was laugh track. At least there's exposure. But it was done in a crude way in which it stereotyped gay men as feminine and clingy. At least there's exposure. 

It was an adequate storyline though. It would have been just a funny if it was some random ugly chick (如花)that ate the pill (typically that's how the movies run). But they didn't want to use too many actors or actresses, they already spent a shitton on the cameos! So it was Mikey that was the lover. 

And if you watched realllllllllllllly carefully, at the end scene when (blank) won the Gambling King contest, Xeng hugged Mr. Wu (out of happiness or saddness? Watch it to find out!) and gave him a peck on the cheek, Mr. Wu checked Xeng out. It was super funny and super cute. He deserves to be an Oscar-equivalent winner. hehehe.  

Okay, gay enough for you?

Well, so other theme in this movie is about finding love in the most unexpected places. If I say anymore, it's gonna be spoiled. SO... SPOILER ALERT! Don't scroll down if you wanna see this classic badass yourself!!

I warned you.


So of course Nak ends up with Beautiful. She was just his "guiding light" to find Christie at first, but more developed. Of course. Clliiicchheee. 

But while you're so desperately looking for the girl that you find the most attractive, you happen to neglect the people around you. You shouldn't do that! It's programmed into our DNA to "value sex and devalue friends", but when shit happens, who are you gonna be crawling to in the middle of the night? 

And turns out, this friend of Nak's happened to be the girl of his dreams! Yey for happy ending! But even then, Christie is held hostage by Mr. Wu (loosely translate: pretty kwen), Nak still holds up his end of the task to save a girl that hated him, despised him, wanted nothing to do with him. It's life. There's always gonna be those dudes out there, why bother? let them live their life, and you happily with yours. 

This is a really funny ass movie with cutesy little jokes everywhere. I can probably quote half this movie... Please check it out, let me know if I'm retarded or not (more like YES.) 

Nak got a group of cops to dance with him (What's good to eat about a Driver's license? If you wanna eat, you should eat an ID!)


  1. I just read half of this because I didn't want to be SPOILED. Haha I know right? Commenting your blog. As if I don't bother you enough 8D

    Idk I can't sleep and I remembered I said I would read your blog post soon as I got home, so here I am! (8 This movie is actually on aznv, so imma watch it there sometime. Right after the l word, drifting flowers, better than chocolate, etc etc etc haha. I WILL accomplish it though. ;D And have you watched/heard of 瘦身男女? It's mostly in Cantonese and I love it haha. T__T; Maybe you can add to your extremely short/nonexistent list of recommendations by me. :D I need to recommend more shit haha. But anyway, time for bed~ Good night! Don't let any moths breed in your bed. Get moth balls. 8D

  2. Had to google the title. I don't think that I've ever watched this one, but I used to religiously follow Anita Yuen's career in mid 90s. [She played one of the characters.. Don't remember her chinese name.]

    Nowadays, I don't watch asian movies that much anymore because I hate reading subtitles. I want to WATCH movies, not READ them, dammit!! Subtitles are evil!!
    There is no TVB here and I doubt I could find the DVD either. So, yeah.. I guess I'll have to take your word for it, that you are INDEED retarded. =P [In reference to your second last paragraph..]