Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Had to repost... I really liked this post...

Okay, so I JUST had this conversation with my roommate about an hour and a half ago:

I don't like labels. 

Not because I'm cliché, or it's just something people say. I'm not edgy. Okay, I try to be edgy. But that's not because I want to "get" anywhere. I am who I am, and maybe my ideologies just happen to be a bit edgy to some people.


(Isn't Dani from Tila the prime example of a "typical lesbian"? With her butchness and... "best of both worlds" bullshit. )

I hate that word. It is what it is, but it has such a bad ring to it. Usually when the word is uttered (when it actually is) you wanna run and hide. Shit! A lesbian! She's gonna wanna take you home and eat you! A lesbian, when I hear that term, is usually badly connoted. It's like, "shit! She's so ugly, she has to be a lesbian!" or "Damn, no wonder she's a lesbian, no man would want her!" or something disgusting like that. 

Can't it just be a term used to describe women who likes women, and leave it at that?


I am personally biased when it comes to this term. I've had bad experiences with people of that sort.... but then, maybe others have too. I usually think of promiscuity. Like she's (or he) so horny that she'll (or he'll) eat up anyone! Bleh. Bleh. Bleeehhhh.. Maybe that's just me. I don't know. Take every thing I type with a large-cattle-sized grain of salt.


I understand the concept. It's a regular term, is, it's used to describe "normal" people. You know, like mass murderers, rapists, and you know, everyone. But usually when I hear this, uttered at me, or some other poor gay, it's like, condescending. "I'm straight." Followed by a look. You know, maybe we're just friendly, and flirting is polite, no? It doesn't mean that you're gonna go our way, it's not like we think you're gonna fall in love with us as soon as you get to know us. (I'm sorry for speaking for all gays, I didn't mean that)

Maybe I've had my share of straight girls, and maybe I finally learned to move on. But when you guys come on to me.... huh huh huuuhhh. *annoying mocking laugh*

Femme and Butch. 

You see two people of the same sex together. So I'm kinda a tomboy, and hypothetically, if I had a girlfriend, would you say I'm the butch in the relationship? Insulting much? Don't put labels on us unless we chose to. ugh.

So basically, I hate labels because of the connotations. I mean, it is what it is, I understand that. But can we somehow use a new language or something that's not brutally raped by the media or our surroundings?

Maybe this is just the world we live in. 

Can't we love out of love? Is there a word for everything? 

Rantings over.

Remember, grain of salt.

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